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day 16

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Day 16/50 • “What this painting means to me Wednesday”


In today’s video I share a little exercise for noticing warm and cool colors in the world around us. It was a simple concept introduced to me in Ken Proctor’s painting class my senior year in college. It changed everything for me. Something clicked. When I started being thoughtful about the colors I saw and how they’re applied to a canvas, it brought everything to life. 


I don’t know if folks will listen to me ramble for three minutes about light and color, but if anyone does, I encourage you to start to see the way light hits an object, the color of that light and shadow, and how different it is than what you expect it to be. A red bowl will reveal a world beyond red, for example.  

Taking time to really see things is a good step towards acknowledging, appreciating, and respecting the world around us. And when you do that, it’s hard not to see how connected we all are. 

Day 16
Size: 24 x 30 inches

Mixed media on 100% cotton paper


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