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day 6

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Day 6/50 • “Q&A Sunday!”


Q: What are you doing with your time during quarantine other than painting?

A: Hmmm…

  1. Discovering that there is such a thing as walking Boone too much. After multiple walks in a day, he’s started ignoring me and holding fast to his naps. 

  2. I’m working on my half-century body by doing a strange, uncoordinated assortment of pushups, situps, and yoga-ish on my back porch every other day. It’s a big shady, screened-in porch that’s very pleasant and private. No one has to see me sweat, but I do wonder if my neighbors hear me grunting and what they must think.

  3. The first few months of quarantine, I was mailing handwritten notes to friends. That’s stopped, for now. I’ll pick it back was super fun. 

  4. This is only in the past couple of weeks, but it’s worth mentioning… Losing brain cells while scrolling through TikTok. If your friends send you TikTok videos before the app is banned...don’t load the app and get new friends. Save yourselves. It’s terrible. I hate it. I can’t stop. I hate it. I can’t stop.

  5. I was reading a good bit during the first few months of quarantine. The 50/50 project has hijacked that energy. And now, down time has been hijacked again. (see #4)

  6. Early in quarantine I embraced the notion of small goals. Picking out a movie before I start cooking dinner was a big deal. Goals are important, y’all. 

  7. On that note, I finished watching Schitt’s Creek! Loved it!! Best ending to a series ever! Ew, David.

  8. Occasionally swiping right. One has to have hope for the day when social distancing ends, amma right?

  9. My nightly ritual before bed is finishing whatever movie I started and eating tiny bites of dark chocolate. Always letting it melt in my mouth. Always wondering what I would do if the world ran out of chocolate.  

  10. Dreaming about what happens next. Always dreaming. 

Day 6

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