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In 2015 I took my first solo trip to Italy for three weeks. I had stepped away from a career in graphic design a few years prior, and was content living without my usual creative pursuits. But on that trip, something was sparked. I found that sharing my photographs and stories about the places I visited resonated with my friends on Facebook. I found people yearned to escape their lives for a moment. They relished an opportunity to see some beauty and be reminded of our shared humanity, and I loved sharing it.  

I've collected links to all of those posts since 2015 so you might relive these experiences with me. It's all very casual, but perhaps you'll see an evolution in the writing and photographs that eventually led to the paintings and the book, An All New Light.

Enjoy! And if you have questions or comments along the way, feel free to comment on the post or email me here!

Oh, and I've bolded the links to a few of my favorites. :  )

Portugal and Italy, 2019

Getting away to refuel as well as giving myself time and space to write, this trip was all about finding peace, swimming in healing waters, as well as making time to celebrate a friend's wedding in Tuscany. 

Leg 1, Lisbon, Portugal

Leg 2, Orta San Giulio, Italy

Leg 3, Camogli, Italy

Leg 4, Tuscany and Venice, Italy

Europe, 2018

Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, France

This was the first trip where I knew the photos I took would be used for paintings. I had a show planned for November 2018 and this was an opportunity to seek out with purpose the images, stories, and experiences that would translate to canvas when I returned home. 

Leg 1, Milan

Leg 2, Hvar, Croatia

Leg 3, Korcula, Croatia

Leg 4, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Leg 5; Trogir, Croatia

Leg 6; Camogli, Italy

Leg 7; Florence, Italy

Legs 8 & 9, Moena and Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Leg 10; Vetarro, Italy

Leg 11; Spiez, Switzerland

Leg 12; Mürren, Switzerland

Leg 13; Paris, France

Grand Canyon, 2017

This was the year I opted not to take a BIG trip and focused on a return to painting for my first show in November, 2017. I was, however, fortunate to act as a guide for a tour group's rafting trip down the Grand Canyon! 


Out of the Canyon

The Grand Canyon, 10 Things

Spain, 2016

A 100 miles on the Camino de Santiago, finding light in Barcelona, a welcome change of plans in Granada, etc. This trip changed me in unexpected ways. 

Leg 1, Madrid

Leg 2, Pamplona

Leg 3, Puente la Reina

Leg 4, Estella to Los Arcos

Leg 5, Los Arcos to Logroño

Leg 6, Logroño to Nájera

Leg 7, Nájera to Santo Domingo 

Leg 8, Barcelona

Leg 9, Granada

Leg 10, Ronda

San Miguel de Allende, 2016

A week in this beautiful colonial town was a wonderful reminder of what matters.

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3

Italy, 2015

I think of this as the trip that started it all. Retracing these posts is like watching the sparkling fuse race towards a beautiful explosion of my future.

Leg 1, Milan

Leg 2, Trento

Leg 3, Venice

Leg 3, Venice Part 2

Leg 4, Cinque Terre

Leg 5, Florence

Leg 6, Siena, Part 1

Leg 6, Siena, Part 2

Leg 7, Rome

Leg 8, Castelamarre

Leg 9, Positano

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