Prentiss Douthit

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Prentiss's latest collection will be on view May 15-30, at Cloud Tree Gallery in Austin, Texas.  

Opening Reception, Saturday, May 15. 4-10 PM

3411 E 5th St, 78702

**Bring your phone and earbuds to connect/listen to audio accompanying each painting**

A series of portrait paintings of strangers. Prentiss asks strangers to pose while answering 10 somewhat personal questions. Stories and audio of their answers accompany the paintings.


"Prentiss Douthit’s book, An All New Light, is a masterpiece offering a glimpse into what life can look like when viewed through the lenses of love and light. Captivating stories accentuated by Douthit’s wit and vulnerability, paired with photos of his stunning paintings and photography inspired by and during his times “away,” make this a book you won’t ever want to end."

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Prentiss Douthit paintings

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50 for 50

The recently completed virtual/gallery exhibit with 50 new works

shared over 50 days leading up to Prentiss's 50th birthday!