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2023 Gallery

My latest work along with the inspiration behind this collection – my home. 
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Returning to my hometown after living in Austin for eleven years, I was lucky to land here. I’ve visited this haven on the banks of the Tennessee River my whole life – it was built by my mom’s oldest friend. They were close since second grade, even to the end when she was by his side at his passing at age 80. 

Though his house was less than a mile from my childhood home, coming here was like traveling to another universe. Starting construction in 1964, he began carving out a place for himself to live and for his friends to escape. He added on to this home for the next forty years. A tucked away secret garden and a fairytale home full of enchanting delights, this place nurtured my burgeoning creativity and set up shop in my heart from the very beginning. 


Even as an adult, coming to see him and experience his gracious, unaffected charm, was a cherished treat. Spending an afternoon or evening here felt like I’d won the lottery. So to have the opportunity to now call this place home feels like a full circle moment, a wild dream come true, a gift from the hands that nurtured this place and inspired my creativity throughout my life.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing glimpses of this place and the art it has recently inspired. 

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