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The day I met this woman she was newly in love and floating on air. I, too, was enjoying a new relationship at the time and found myself comparing my own levels of excitement as well as my reservations to love with her uninhibited, enamored delight. 

I was thrilled to soak up her radiance and wondered if I was meant to experience it being shared so freely. Throughout this project I couldn’t help but wonder what, if any, life forces led me to cross paths with each particular subject. They all brought messages that seemed to nest in places of my heart waiting for their words. But is this the case, or is it possible every person we meet has the potential to share something we need to hear?


Either way, as she embraced and treasured the limitless potential of new love, I accepted it as a needed reminder of how afraid I can be to do the same.

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Austin, TX, December 6, 2020 A
Oil on Linen
20 x 24 inches

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