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I saw this beautiful young man at the top of the little hill in Butler Park overlooking the lake and downtown Austin. There, in the setting sun, was this vision in an ivory mesh top, ivory flowing pants, snakeskin boots, and—of all things—a black bunny. 

I was so grateful he was interested in the project and was thrilled to hear his thoughtful answers to the questions. What struck me most about this man was how much he cared about what he wore and, perhaps, how he looked, yet as staged as his appearance was, his answers were not the least bit for show. He paused before answering each question to dig and find the most authentic, truthful response. He didn’t hide anything and was fearless in sharing a glimpse of who he was, where he came from, and how he moves through the world. 

How lucky I felt to spend time with this gentle man and see the way he cared for truth the same way he tenderly cared for that black bunny.

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Austin, TX, January 18, 2021 B
Oil on Linen
24 x 48 inches

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