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day 12

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Day 12/50 “Future Sights Saturday”


I’m no different than anyone out’s difficult to look into the future without wondering how the landscape will look when these waters subside. But I can't help but think about this future while I climb on top of this bucking 50th milestone. 


Without getting too deep into it, one of the big themes I consider is the idea of “home.” Before the world changed, I was planning on traveling to Mongolia to capture images and stories on this topic. I was curious how a nomadic culture would challenge my notions of home. Is a house necessary? What do they carry with them, in their hearts or on their backs, that makes them feel at home?

But of course I didn’t go. I’m here. At home in my house. My notions of this home and those questions challenged, instead, by how good these walls have been to me versus a pestering, enchanting dream.

Day 12

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