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day 13

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Day 13/50 • "Q & A Sunday"

Q: Why do you paint people instead of, say, landscapes or still lifes?


I like to think, for every problem we landed on this earth with and every dilemma we stumble across along our way, there’s an answer in our connections with each other. We are meant to learn, grow, and help each other. So maybe there’s a way, too, to find answers in these visual representations of people. 


The cool thing, though, is these paintings capture only an essence or two of a person’s being. And every viewer of the work brings their own experiences and their own problems that need solving to the canvas. So maybe if one looks long enough and with an open heart, there’s a chance to find the answers we each need. Hopefully these paintings of people give us an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and each other.

Day 13 SOLD
Size: 38 x 38 inches

Oil on 100% cotton paper


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