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day 15

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Day 15/50 • “Turn Back Time Tuesday”


When I trace the line of creativity I've lived with for fifty years back to where it all started, there was one consistent voice coaxing it out of the ground. My mother was the one who always encouraged me to explore my artistic curiosity even if it meant making life a little that time I painted a huge tacky mural of a desert sunset on my bedroom wall. (It was so bad)


Mom had simple but profound goals for raising her three boys. She wanted us to be happy, self-sufficient, active, and well-fed. This meant a lot of encouragement, little coddling, lots of yelling to fold the clothes, many hours showing us how to cook, a disdain for laziness, and a house-ban on sugary cereals and cokes, for starters. It also meant giving us the confidence to pursue any dream we could imagine. 


So here’s looking back at all of those times Mom said yes to my, no doubt, annoying adventures in art while giving me the tools I’d need to make something of it. Thanks, Mom!

Day 15 SOLD
Size: 38 x 38 inches

Mixed media on 100% cotton paper


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