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day 24

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Day 24/50 • "Thankful Thursday"

"Turning fifty" edition::

1. A full head of hair

2. Having a roof over my full head of hair

3. Never had a cavity

4. Being hilarious

5. Amazing friends

6. Amazing friends who remind me I'm not as funny as I think

7. My dog, Boone

8. Supportive family

9. Being able to paint full time

10. And thankful to have thirty-seven more years to get the other stuff right. See, when I was a kid playing with the Ouija board on the Stone's front porch, the board told me I'd live to be 87. I've always remembered that. Especially when I'm on a plane with strong turbulence. I'm able to tell my scared seatmates, "Don't worry. We're not going down today. I'm not eighty-seven."

Day 24
Size: 33 x 43 inches

Mixed media on linen


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