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day 34

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Day 34/50 • “Q&A Sunday”

Q: Why do you tug your ear in your videos?

A: A few weeks ago, I got an email from a friend telling me she was in Houston receiving palliative care at MD Anderson and would be transferring to Hospice care in Austin when she was able to travel. This was sad news after beating the odds and kicking cancer’s ass for a long time. She wrote about how the daily posts of the 50/50 project were bringing her great comfort, so I told her I would start giving her a little Carol Burnett ear tug in the videos. She would see every day that I was thinking of her and sending a little light her way.


Sadly, Sandy passed away Friday. But there are a lot of people a helluva lot better off after seeing what grace, good humor, compassion, music, and generosity can do. If you’d like to be a part of her legacy in the form of promoting kindness for all, check out this amazing project:

We’ve talked a lot about light during this 50 Days project. And the cool thing is, we all have the capacity to bring light to those around us. Every...single...thing we say or do is an opportunity to bring great comfort to someone. Every...single...time.

We can’t all leap care-free into sparkling water every day, but I do believe we can channel that spirit in order to lift those who need it. Just as Sandy did every...single...time.


It's going to be a really good day, everyone. Go enjoy it!

<Ear tug and smile>

Day 34  SOLD
Size: 34 x 54 inches

Mixed media on linen


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