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day 36

To contact Prentiss

regarding sales or commissions, please email heretext or call 205.602.7030. Thanks!

day 36 pic only.jpg

Day 36/50 • "Turn Back Time Tuesday" has been changed to "TEASER TUESDAY!"

Exciting news about the 50/50 project coming tomorrow! Super excited to share this with you all. What could it be??

Oh, and my friend Jenny was inspired by the Care Bear onesie and gave me something special to wear. Tomorrow will be a good day for it. 

Day 36
Size: 18 X 24 inches

Mixed media on board

Cost: $750

Can be purchased framed, price upon request. 

  • To purchase, email, text, or call 205.602.7030. 

  • 1/2 due to hold the purchase. Balance when painting is received after August 31. Can be safely shipped, cost to be determined.

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