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day 38

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Day 38/50 • "Thankful Thursday"

Today it’s legs. Legs are what I’m thankful for. I know this sounds silly, but bear with me and take a moment to consider something you might take for granted. 

These fifty-year-old legs have done a lot for me. They’ve moved me through a lot of places to see things I’d never get to otherwise. They let me stand in front of a wall in my house where I cross my fingers and sling some paint. They used to run a lot, but lately I’ve used them more for simple walks with my dog. They used to be more flexible, but now it hurts just to see someone do a death drop. 

When I was thinking about forces in my life that make a big difference, I thought of momentum. Hence the little ode to legs. Because I can run from some dark places if I’m able to simply move around. If I have momentum, I can stir creativity, avoid negativity, and nurture longevity. 

So I figure these ol’ legs could stand the spotlight. Or, at least, some show of appreciation. 

I’m curious...what random, mundane thing has a big hidden impact on your life? 

Day 37

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