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day 47

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Day 47/50 • "Future Sights Saturday"

I feel like I'm going to breeze right past the big day and start celebrating the exhibit the day after! I'm super excited to see the collection being prepared to hang. I have been renting a van or box truck to transport work to a gallery when showing, and this time the only truck I could get was a big moving truck. It seems a little excessive to use only the bottom 1% of a truck's space, but it sure will be convenient to lay it all out and take it in one trip! 

I hope everyone is doing well and dreaming, too, of creative ventures for yourselves. Tell me, if you didn't have any voices telling you you can't do it and if you had no other obligations holding you back, what creative vein would you tap into? I'd really love to hear! 

Don't forget to schedule your private viewing of the exhibit 8/26-8/29 by clicking here. And feel free to reach out directly to me if you have special requests for scheduling. 

Day 47
Size: 11 x 14 inches

Oil on linen


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