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day 48

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Day 48/50 • "Q&A Sunday"

Q: What have you learned by doing this project?


1. It's reinforced my knowing that I work best with a deadline and goal. I never would have done this work if I didn't have the structure of this project. And I wouldn't have had this project without you following along! Thank you!!

2. The learning curve the first week of the project was pretty challenging. Taking the photos with a new camera. Figuring out the best way to film the videos while getting comfortable talking to a camera. Wondering what to say and what not to say. All while painting and trying to finish upcoming days' work. Whew.

3. I've learned an extra pair of glasses would be a good idea in case you step on the only pair you have. I almost had to switch to nonobjective abstract paintings. 

4. I've learned that writing is still something I want to pursue. Hand in hand with the paintings, I want to tell stories that touch people. I want to do this on a bigger scale somehow. Hmmm. It's going to fun discovering what that is.

6. I learned that a lot of people like the Care Bear onesie. I'll have to keep it in my wardrobe's rotation.

7. I've learned that some paintings never get finished. There are a few that were in the queue, but I decided to abandon for different reasons. 

8. I think it would be fun to have a show like Bob Ross and talk about painting and happy clouds.

9. I thought this project was going to go much deeper on a personal level. I thought, "Oh, this will be a platform that I can reflect on things from the last fifty years and share them in the writing or videos." Nope. There was enough to talk about and more than enough to ask people to digest without going there. All of those other stories will have to wait.  :)

10. If you ever want something to distract you from an upcoming birthday, take on a big project that keeps you super busy and ask a bunch of people to join you for the ride! It totally works!

Day 48
Size: 11 x 14 inches

Oil on board


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