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day 49

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Day 49/50 • "Present Moment Monday"

Today's drawing is the first of two self portraits I'll share to wrap up this 50/50 project. As I discuss in the video, I think this piece reflects how I feel about my birthday. I'm looking ahead to many things I want to accomplish in my next fifty years. There are a lot of issues, too, we all will be facing in these coming years. I see those issues and feel hopeful and determined. I embrace the sense of purpose I'm carrying into my new year and am encouraged by our ever-present ability to connect with one another...when we make real efforts to do so. This connection is what will enable us to overcome any barrier and all challenges. 

Thank you for connecting with me throughout this project. We are building something important here, and this is only the beginning. Onward, y'all. 

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Day 49

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