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day 9

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Day 9/50 "What this painting means to me Wednesday"

Today's painting, second in a three-part series, was a great exercise in decision making. Sitting with the "why this color, why leave this area unpainted, why leave this mark but cover that one" and being comfortable with the answer. 


For me, it comes down to "what do I want to say" instead of "what do I think someone wants to see." All of the answers come together in this painting, the footprints left behind from a dance with authenticity. I can see the steps and missteps taken to get away from others' expectations while finding the rhythm of self.


That makes me think...maybe I should share a playlist of what I listen to while painting. Maybe this "rhythm of self" is really just a reflection of the little dances I do while (a very partial snapshot of some of my most played) Patty Griffin, Aiden Hawken, Josh Ritter, Normani, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Kidswaste, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and and so many others sing to me in the studio. My apologies to all who walk by my house and see this dance through the windows. 

Day 9
Size: 22 x 30 inches

Oil on 100% cotton paper


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